On Gradas there a 5 main continental bodies.

Spierdall is a large continent in the northern hemisphere the exends the north pole to the equator in some areas. It is frequantly divided into East and West seperated by the Admonacian mountain range. West Spierdall is the home of the Kaiserhan Empire, East Spierdall is home the the Ivalchian Empire. In terms of global influence the empires of of Spierdall could be said to have a disproportinate amount of influence.

Me’hrad is predominantly in the southern hemisphere directly south of Spierdall. The continent is notable for its vast tracks of arid land in the north broken up by dense forests, and in the south being very mountainous by dotted with fertile valleys. Me’hrad is home to 3 empires, the Drahkien in the north, the Salanid in the south, and the Kurdamin in between. Currently there is a very intense conflict going on between the empires, thus global influence has shrunk in recent years as more and more resources are being concentrated on the war efforts. As such trade has been strained and Me’hradian goods are increasingly only able to be found in black markets at premium prices.

Shi, the land of 10,000 islands located south east of Spierdall and is roughly equivialnt to the combined size of China and India, it is an odd continent. Instead of being one contiguous land mass it is made up of almost inumurable number of small islands. The land is an anamoly to earth alchemists because as far as they can discern the islands were not created by natural means as they appear to part of a single continental shelf. Theories on their creation vary greatly but the most accepted theory is that the islands were once a single land mass that was broken apart by magical means. Regardless Shi is home dizzying array of people and exotic wonders. Amazingly it is home to only one Empire who over a thousand years gradually consolidated all of the island kingdoms into a single bureaucratic monolith. They the largest and most powerful naval fleet in the world, and there is no port that they have not touched. The advent of airships has upset this balance though since the Shi empire has been very slow to adopt that particular technology.

Quech’l’tlan a sprawing continent that is far west of Spierdall and Me’hrad and far east of Shi. The land is rich in resources and home to numourous wonderous cities and structures. Not much is known about the interior of the continent as the denizins are fiercely distrustful and secretive towards outsiders. Trade occurs along the coasts but attempts to diplomatically or milliatarily push into the inland areas were rubuffed with greater force and unity than was thought capable of the locals. There are no great empires that are apparent on the continent, instead there are numorous city states and kingdoms that to outsiders appear to be in near perpetual conflict with one another. However when a dire threat emerges the city states cease conflict and unify behind a mysterious cabal of powerful mage preists who appear to the true rulers of the land, and after foreighn conflicts have been settled they immediatly go back to fighting one another. Technologically the cultures on a whole seem in simpler that the cultures of Gradas, but it is the real of magic that they far outstrip other empires, particularly the mage priest who through some some strange and arcane means have amplified their magical abilities to near demi-god like levels.

The smallest continent of Gradas, it also arguably the least charted. For Gevaar is a land near constant mortal danger in which almost every living (and un living) things wants to kill you, including some of the sheep. West of Me’hrad and South of West Spierdall Gevaar has been described as the land where tall tails are born. Only the foolhardy and the desperate call Gevaar home, havens for those who flee the constraints of society dot the coastline. Expeditions to explore the interior have been numourous but more often than not are met with grisly fates. Those few expeditions that produce survivors tell of an almost primordial land home to countless ravenous and dangorous beasts. Some expeditions have even clamied to see a Terrasque. Another pecular aspect of Gevaar is that is home to perhaps the only real example of a goblinoid “empire.” Though stable and functioning are words that wouldn’t dare be associated goblinoids, the Kidik empire is the only thing remotely close to “governing body,” it is only the prodigious reproductive rate of goblinoids that allow to be remotely competative on Gevaar. Oddly the goblinoids of Gevaar are noticebly friendlier towards humanoids than other examples of their kin, they are open to trade and don’t ask questions which works out best for all involved.


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