four disciples

The four disciples were the four mortals that were handpicked by Great Saint Ashihara to follow in her stead, spread word of her deads, and help those in need. The each set down and proffessed different paths to bask in her glorious light.

Donerman the Pure
Donerman the Pure was a dwarven cleric whose sole goal was to purge pestilence from the world. It is said that after he was blessed by Ashihara he could heal any disease and cure any ailment. He proffessed that cleanliness was the true path to bask in the light of the saint.

Silderain the Bountiful
Silderain the Bountiful was was a simple man of the land. He tended to the land as best as he could and his crops were always fruitful. After he was blessed by the the Great Saint, all land he touched was fertile as could possibly be. Where he walked none starved. He proffessed that those who tended to the land would bask in the saints light.

Alomeir the Serene
Alomeir the Serene was o woman of peace. A monk who could mediate any conflict, after she was blessed the will to fight was sapped from all who were in her presence. She believed that a life forfeit of violence was the path to bask in the light of of the saint.

Yezomin the Stirring
Yezomin the Stirring was the closest to the great saint. She was gifted with the ability to inspire people to accomplish acts of courage and kindness. She always inspired people to the greatest of their abilities. She professed that a kind and charitable life was the path to bask in saints light.

four disciples

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