Kaiserhan Empire

The Kaiserhan Empire is a federal monarchy that is the dominant governing power of West Spierdall. The Kaiserhan Empire was formally founded in 1051, when the six kingdoms united in response to the meteoric rise and expansion of the Ivalchian Empire to the east.

The Kaiserhan Empire is tied together by a vast network of clacks towers and airways. The peace is generally kept by the federal State Army, as well as protecting it from foreign invaders. Each principality also maintains its own smaller domestic armies. Protection against monstorous threats is handled by the Knights League.

The current head of the Empire is Empeor Karl Lutz.

The Six Principalities

Konigland is the most central kingdom, sharing a border with all 5 of the other kingdoms. It has thrived off of trade and in the days before the empire was formed it often served as the meating ground for the other kingdoms. As such the Imperial capitol city Kaiserstad is located at the heart of Konigland. Being at the center of all things this province is by far the wealthiest.

Sinderfall is a predominantly agrarian region known for its fertile lands. It is also known for being one of the few active trade routes with the Ivalchian Empire. Sinderfall is mostly a human settled area with dwarves being the second most common. Compared to the other kingdoms Sinderfall is relatively poor aside from a handful of prosperous trade routes.

Schmiede is a dwarven dominated province and is home to many prosperous mines and large fortresses. It is one of main industrial centers for the Empire and thus it is heavily fortified in order to insure steady production. It extends in the barely tamed northlands and deals with small barbarian clans on semi regular basis. Its industrial might combined with numorous mines has made Schmiede a very wealthy province.

Arschkalt is the poorest and least populous of the six kingdoms. Situated in the north, much of Arschkalt is barren tundra bearly suitable for living. What isn’t coverd in tundra is covered in incredibly dense forests filled with many strange creatures that have made getting around difficult. But the region is not without merit, the harshness of the land produces a particularly hardy breed of person possesed with a cunning needed to survive in an unforgiving land. As such Arschkalt has produced more than a few heroes and military leaders of notoriety. It is also home to many of the Northern Tribes

Beaulache is an Elven dominated region on the western coast of Spierdal, known for being almost peaceful and safe, with landscapes strait out of paintings. The long lives of elves means that the land is soaked in long held tradition and perhaps the most rigid class system of the Kaiserhan Empire. It is home to many artisans and that is perhaps its greatest asset is the wide range of high quality craft goods that come from the region. It also maintains control over three magicite mines, the most fruitful of which are found on the Skalderhymn islands. These traits of Beaulache give a fair amount of cultural export and influence.

Dumonde is a nation that prides itself on seafaring and trade. It is the primary route for Me’hradian goods coming from the south. It features the largest population of dragonkin in the Empire most being immigrants and traders from Me’hrad. Dumonde has also been home to numorous monster uprisings, thus leading the Knights League to have a dispraportianate prescence. The culture of Dumonde can be said to be very exotic and one can never be sure what sorts of wonders can be found in its markets.


While largely self sufficiant in terms of supporting its citizens, Kaiserhan has an almos bottomless need for more exoctic goods. Constant demand for Me’hradian spices and Shinese fabrics has caused the empire to support massive and thriving trade networks and has lead to a significant amonts of cultural exchange.

Much of the fiscal policy and economic progress is managed by the Brokers Guild, a qausi-govermental beurocracy that works with the Imperial Mint and Tariff Division to enact and monitor the goverments fiscal plans. The Tarriff Division collects taxes and also manages and issues trade and gambling permits, these permits are sometimes issued in limited numbers for a wide variety of reasons. This limitation of permits makes the aquisition of them highly competitive, proping up many noble families, but also leading to the creation of some Criminal Syndicates that compete with each other in sometimes bloody conflicts to obtain and control the permits that become available to lower classes.

Kaiserhan Empire

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