Magicite is a strange and wonderous mineral that fuels the technology of the world. This strange blue green gem has the ability to amplify and sustain magic that is fed into it. Magicite can best be described as raw crystalized magic. It can only be found in a small handful of mines scattered accross the world and control of these mines has been cause of more than a few wars.

Magicite continually draws energy from the surrounding environment, by feeding energy into the crystals they then amplify the spell and sustain it. The degree to which spells are amplified depends on both the size of the crystal and how much magic is fed into it. There is a limit to how much can be fed into it though, if to much is fed into then the crystal will fracture and cause a catastrophic explosion. For this reason the number of casters that tend to crystals is limited for safety reasons.

The drawing property of magicite while mostly harmless in small quantities, in densities such as those found in the mines it incredibly dangorous and mutagenic to living things. As such magicite has to be mined using specially designed golems.

There is one other variety of magicite that is incredibly rare, red magicite. Only found in the deepest depths of magicite mines, as it stands it is not sought after, because as of yet it is unusable. While normal magicite siphens small amounts of energy from the environment, red magicite can best be described as a magic black hole. Magic users are left defenseless and magical beings wink from existance in its presence. As far as can be discerned there seems to be no limit to the amount of magic that can be absorbed, but attempts to draw magic from it have been fruitless so far. Mines usually end once red magicite is found as no golem has been created yet that could resist the drain of the crystals. It is known the tunnels go deeper but what lies beyond no one knows. If red magicite could ever be harnessed it theorized that it could be the begining of another technological revolution.


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