The World of Gradas

The world of Gradas is a vast and diverse planet that is decidedly earth like in its climate and year length. The landmass is made up of 5 large continents. There is a diverse array of races in the world and magic flows freely and is commonplace. By most accounts it is accepted that the year is 1445.

The State of Technology

The world is currently going through an era of rapid techno/magical innovation. This era has been called the magitech revolution. A breakthrough in the harvesting and harnessing of a strange magical mineral called magicite. This breakthrough along with the concurrent invention of the printing press has fueled an explosion of technology and academia. Magicite is the basis for all advanced technology and has allowed mages to push magic to new incredible limits. Transmuters and alchemists find new materials and chemical tinctures. Magineers produce increasingly complex clockwork machines, and build structures once thought impossible. Massive airships dot the sky and allow for incredible amounts of commerce across the world. Clicking and clacking towers scattered across the realms forming massive networks of these clack towers. This network of towers carry messages. Black powder weapons are starting to find their way into state armies but are far from a common sight.

These technologies have allowed for a significant increase in the quality of life the general citizen, but at the same time make a world once thought incomprehensibly vast seem much smaller. Indeed without the advent of magitech the great empires would have never formed and would have been nigh impossible to manage without. Indeed the feeling of an ever shrinking world has surely led to some of the increase of tensions between the great empires.


The dominant religion is a polytheistic pantheon of various aligned gods that focuses around dragons and the Great Saint Ashihara. The gods both good and evil are widly considered to be if not dead then existing in a greatly diminished state. Dragons are viewed as the most direct living descendants/embodiments of the long gone gods, thus are considered to be the last true aspects of the gods on Gradas.

The Great Saint is worshipped because she is believed to have saved the world from an apocolyptic threat, acting the grand champion of the good and neutral gods she gave her life to slay the dark gods after they had succefully defeated the good gods. She was survived by her four disciples who after the event spread word of her deeds, laid the seeds for rebuilding societies, and founding the Circle of the Saint.

There is also a form of druidism that is practiced by the Northern Tribes. But this is far less widely practiced and has been viewed with extreme suspicion in times of hardship.