The capitol city of Beaulache, the oldest above ground city in western Spierdall and the center of elven culture. Currently the rulers are known for being exceptionally devout, possibly an exception of the rigid class structure of elven culture. Known for its expansive orchards and lush gardens Like any city in Beaulache it can only be decribed as picturesque.

Riviere Korsning
A large city the rests between Beaulache and Arschkalt, for much of its history the city remained independant of both states. The nobles of the city have always been very week, it has long been known that the are only the rulers of the city in name only. Instead it is ran ban a handful of crime syndicates that choose to rule through puppets to protect themselves from foreign plots. The city has also gained a reputation for its numorous gambling dens that have made many men poor and a handful very rich.

Cotier can best be described as a tourist city, pleasant weather and far away from the troubles of the rest of the empire, most nobles own at least some manner of residence in Cotier. It is known for its vast vineyards and wine, and a culture of superority.

Portuaire is another port city, known for it’s powerful guilds and a numer of famous artists and scholars.


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