Circle of the Saint

The Circle of the Saint a massive religous orgnization that can be found on all the continents and has taken many forms, but the core principles are the same; to sing praise and glory to the Great Saint Ashihara. To pass down her teachings and the story of her journey. The Circle claims that those who follow in the steps of the four disciples will come to know the light and love of the Great Saint. The Circle also teaches that dragons are the guardians of the realms that gods left in their wake.

The Circle has many branches though they are loosely orginized at best. The Circle only has minimal political influence in most areas choosing to stay out of the realm of ruling and instead choosing to watch out after the people.

Founded by the Four Disciples nearly 1400 years ago. Each place of worship is usually dedicated to a certain realm and a Disciple, with their own sets of clerks and monks. Larger buildings are usually dedicated to all of the realms all of the disciples, though these institutions are usually only found in large cities.

Titles and Ranks
The Circle being a very large and diverse orginization each continent has its own way of orginising as well as unique ranks and titles.

Lord Vicar
The Lord Vicar is the overall head of the Circle. S/He oversees the direction of the Circle and to cooridinate with the government. While officially the Circle is seperate from the state and technically has no politacal power it does wield much influence and it is rare for the Empire to undertake any major project without input from the Lord Vicar. The current Lord Vicar is Adrian Solestus.

Grand Purifier
The Grand Purifier is in charge of ceremonies and teachings regarding Donerman the Pure. Helps to ensure the purity of sacriments and ceromony. The Current Purifier is Roger Kolemin

Grand Peasant
The Grand Peasant is in charge of monitering the farming cycles and practices, as dictated by Silderain the Bountiful. They track the yearly weather patterns and make predictions for the year and what should be grown. The Current Grand Peasant is Oland Bromir

Grand Friar
The Grand Friar is in charge of distributing charity accross the land and administering the teachings of Alomier the Serene. He also acts as a mediator for large negotiations. The Current Grand Friar is Tucker Medran

Grand Inquisitor
Grand Inquisitor is in charge of the Cleric and Paladin corp, who live to protect the temples and inspire people to greatness in the way of Yezomin the Stirring. They determine the training regimine as well as the deployment of those that stay as members of the Circle Militant. The current Lord Inquisitor is Cidmar Poderin.

This is title for the heads of temples, who lead in worship and give teachings and advice to the citizenry. In larger temples they are usually subserviant the Vicar in charge, but in smaller temples in rural areas they are usually the lead authority of the temple.

A Champion is a Cleric or Paladin who has done a great dead of combat that has been recognized by the circle.

A saint is someone who has done great service the Circle that has been recognized by the four sects and the Lord Vicar.

Circle of the Saint

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