The capitol of the Schmiede, it is also the industrial center of the Kaiserhan Empire, it is also the oldest and largest dwarven hold in the Empire. Before the invention of the coal-less forges the sky and land was blackened with soot and a veratable forest of chimneys and smoke stacks poke through the mountains. The land is still darkened but the activity never slowed down. It is also the largest access to the underway which many dark things try to crawl up from.

A border fortress that protect the northern route, it is much less open to trade than its southern counterpart Bandenburg. It watches a massive network of trenches, tunnels, and bunkers. It remains ever vigilant against spies and incursions.

Nordhome is a remote mining village in the northern mountains. Though it remote it is well off because of a magicite mine. The town is also noted for the unusual amount of wild mages that are born there.

The northern most fortress and port in the empire, it watches for threats from the sea and land. Its remoteness has lead to the residents to be a very self sufficient and distrustful of outsiders.


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